If Sharks Were Men

There would, of course, also be schools in the big boxes. In these schools the little fish would learn how to swim into the sharks’ jaws. They would need to know geography, for example, so that they could find the big sharks, who lie idly around somewhere. The principal subject would, of course, be the moral education of the little fish. They would be taught that it would be the best and most beautiful thing in the world if a little fish sacrificed itself cheerfully and that they all had to believe the sharks, especially when the latter said they were providing for a beautiful future.
(“If sharks were men” by Bertolt Brecht, 1948)

Direction: Sasa Klopanovic – Sinestezia
Voiceover: Jon Greenhlagh
Illustration and animation: Nikola Prijic
Mastering: Janja Loncar
Producer: Ana Zatezalo Schenk – Sinestezia
(Via Boka Artist Residence)