L’equip petit

L’equip petit is really as little as the kids of Margatania F.C.
In fact, this is not the final project, we hope to be with the team next year shooting during all the championship.

This short was originally a demo to show the fathers and mothers of the kids and our closer friends.
(El Cangrejo)

Chats Perchés

[via arco, “Chris Marker, 1921-2012”]

Made in his signature style with loosely connected and rambling thoughts jumping now and again to amusing or amazing juxtapositions and revelations, Chats Perchés. was originally made for French television, and starts by exploring yellow painted Cheshire-like cats that began to appear all over Paris. From there, we meander through an exploration of the previous four years, from 9/11 and the Iraq war to scandals in French politics, all punctuated by the return of the cats.

Chats perches -Chris Marker di ancoliemagic