Crossing the border | Berlin 1989-2009

“Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters”
(Rosa Luxemburg)

Sources and credits:

Theme music by Pseudo
“Bound To Earth” | CCL 2.5

Bruce Springsteen, “Chimes of freedom”,
East Berlin, 1988.19.07

Ton Steine Scherben, “Wir müssen hier raus”
Offenbach, 1983.30.05

Feeling B – “Ich such’ die DDR”

U2, “One”
Berlin, Brandenburg Gate 2009.11.05

Crossing the Berlin border on the S-Bahn |by JanPB
(late ’80s)

Die Riesen kommen

Berlin, Royal de Luxe, 2009.02.10

TheFallOfTheBerlinWall1989 |

created and edited by Strelnik
CCL 2.5 | 2009

For Aljoscha Rompe and Rio Reiser